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Three-In-One Closed Meetings: Development Direction of PV Industry

The Semi-Annual Working Meeting of Photovoltaic Green-Ecosystem Organization (PGO), China Industrial & Commercial and Household PV Brand Alliance (CHPBA), and the founding assembly of China Solar tracking system Alliance (CSTSA) were held in Hangzhou on October 11, 2019. More than 100 member enterprises including nearly 200 leaders attended the meeting.


The meeting mainly contains: the semi-annual work report and the next work plan of PGO & CHPHA; the member units exchange development status and suggestions on the development of PGO and the industry; PGO President Mr. Guo Wei makes concluding speech; PGO consultant appointment, PGO & CHPHA new member awarding ceremony; China Solar Tracking System Alliance (CSTSA) inauguration and member awarding ceremony; New Energy Branch of CIITA shares experience.


PGO Secretary-General Mr. Zhou Yuan delivered the work report: since the founding of PGO in 2013, PGO was filed by China Ministry of Civil Affairs and authorized as the PV professional committee by China Society of Inspection and Testing Photovoltaic Technical Committee (CSITPTC) in May 2016. After over three years of efforts, PGO has achieved great progress in all aspects. In August 2017, China Industrial & Commercial and Household PV Brand Alliance (CHPBA) was established, and China Solar tracking system Alliance (CSTSA) was also founded today.


In the past six months, the rapid decline of domestic PV market, subsidy arrears, and land connection problems have caused severe financial pressure and increased disputes among enterprises related to the end market. Meanwhile, the overseas market has soared as the overall product in the first half of the year, especially in the second quarter appeared in short supply which made many enterprises tend to expand production. However, the price fell rapidly in the third quarter and the industry concentration was further increased which accelerated the renewal of technical products. Therefore, PV enterprises have a strong demand for funds, projects, technicians, market development and cooperation.


Regarding the work plan of the second half of the year, Mr. Zhou Yuan reported as follows:


1. In November 6 to 12, 2019, PGO will lead Chinese delegations to attend the Sino-Finnish Business Forum on Energy Transition and visit Finland local enterprises. The Member of the European Parliament from Finland and the Chinese Ambassador to Finland will attend the forum and deliver important speeches. Meanwhile, the delegation will visit relevant Finnish government departments, ABB, Switch Engineering, Wartsila and other well-known energy enterprises and science organizations so as to promote project-matchmaking and cooperation between China and Finland (new) energy fields.

2. At the end of 2019, China Industrial & Commercial and Household PV Brand Alliance (CHPBA) will hold an annual event to discuss "How do Household PV Enterprises transform to deal with the abolishment of Renewable Energy subsidies in January 1, 2021". 

3. China Solar Tracking System Alliance (CSTSA) will organize relevant entrepreneurs and experts to formulate the industry group standard of solar tracking system, and promote it to become an international standard.

4. According to the new situation, PGO will actively promote the development of overseas PV market, and strengthen the close cooperation between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. Also, it will explore PV + and cross-border integrated development.



PGO President, Mr. Guo Wei made the concluding speech. He believed that the driving force of new energy will remain in the future, and PGO will actively innovate and rely on the advantages of all its member enterprises, going out to the world with China's PV capability and industry chain to build a huge PV platform.



The Founding Ceremony of China Solar Tracking System Alliance (CSTSA) was hosted by Mr. Guo Wei, General Manager of Power China (Guizhou) and Mr. Wang Shitao, CTO of Arctech Solar. Arctech Solar Holding Co., Ltd. was designated as the President Unit of CSTSA. Power China (Guizhou) Engineering Corp., China Three Gorges New Energy Co.,Ltd., TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis Co., Ltd., Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd., LONGi Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Construction Group Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., Jiangyin H-Fang New Energy High-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd., and Fujian Antai New Energy Tech. Corp. are nominated the Vice President Unit of CSTSA.


In the end, Mr. Yu Caizhi, Secretary General of New Energy Branch of CIITA, shared experiences and advocated the concept of supplying each other's needs among enterprises, and promote cross-border integration to facilitate the development of new energy industry in an all-round way.


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