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Visa Service

Visa is the proof to enter the coutry you want to visit, issued by the consulate abroad, a permit to facilitate travellers to enter a country.

Visa Application
There is some resistance in applying for a visa in developing countries. China has no exception. Visa applications for business are unified handled by the Consular Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs from departments of foreign affairs. There are nearly 30 countries which signed visa exemption agreement (only a passport or the diplomatic, official passports). There is no visa on private for free concessions at present. Chinese citizens for private passport holders to any country (inbound) shall apply for the visa. Transit without visa (TRANSIT WITHOUT VISA), in countries such as the UK, America, Canada, Australia is not suitable for the Chinese private passport, a visa application shall be needed.

Visa Format
To applicate a visa to countries which have diplomatic relations with China, simply affix a stamp in the passport , and then go to the consul for signing. If you go to countries which do not have diplomatic relations, you have to fill in the country entry permit form. Then stamped signature of country's consular is as the visa.

Visa types
According to the purpose, the visa can be divided into these two categories: immigrant and non-immigrant visa. Obtaining an immigrant visa shall obtain permanent residency in the country. After a certain period of residence may be naturalized as a citizen of the country. The non-immigrant visas are for business, study, service, training, travel, medical and other purposes.

Invitation and Visa Applications
Most foreign visitors must carry a visa to enter mainland China. If you want to apply for a visa, you need the following documents :
1. passport ( valid for more than 6 months )

2. complete the visa application form

3. a passport photo

On the homepage of People's Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs: (overseas delegations = > Chinese embassies and consulates ) , you can find your country's embassy or consulate page to download and print the visa application form , or request further information. If you are going to China for trade activities, you need to apply for a business visa (one entry) , costs about 50 euros. When applying for a business visa, you need invitations from one of the show undertaker -Shanghai AiLing Exhibition Co., Ltd. You can apply for an invitation through the exhibition secretariat . The application for a tourist visa (one entry) costs 50 euros in addition with 30 euro visa fee . Visas will be issued within four working days. All materials required to be submit by the person or agent. Application forms cannot be mailed. We recommend that you apply for the visa through a travel agent .

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