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2019 PGO PV Overseas Cooperation Development Forum Was Successfully Held in Shanghai

In recent years, the overseas photovoltaic market has been expanding due to the decline in the costs of photovoltaic system. The market scale is expected to reach 70-80 GW in 2019. Some of leading Chinese enterprises are actively moving towards overseas market, which is also China’s contribution to the rest of the world.


Meanwhile, with the shrink of domestic market size after the New Deal on May 31 (i.e., Notice on Matters Related to Photovoltaic Power Generation in 2018), more domestic enterprises have begun to actively develop overseas markets. However, there are also many risks in overseas markets, including exchange rate risk and even war risk, which are attributed to political, legal and standard requirements, as well as discrepancies in cultural environments and language barriers.


Therefore, it is particularly important to thoroughly keep abreast of the local situations and cooperate with and learn from domestic experienced enterprises to Go Global.


To this end, the Photovoltaic Green-Ecosystem Organization (PGO) organized a communication and exchange meeting on photovoltaic overseas cooperation and development in Shanghai on March 19, 2019. Analyst institutions were invited to expound on the development situations of overseas markets, share experiences of overseas enterprises, and discuss about the potential opportunities to tap into overseas markets together. Nearly 100 guests from PGO members and outstanding enterprises attended the meeting.





Speaker: Holly Hu, Senior Analyst of IHS Markit

Speech Title: Overseas Photovoltaic Market Creates New Growth Points




Speaker: Xie Wanchao, Senior Director of Group Finance and Business Development Segment, Canadian Solar Inc.

Speech Title: Experience Sharing and Cooperation Opportunities for Overseas Photovoltaic Projects of Canadian Solar




Speaker: Wang Xishan, Deputy Chief Engineer of Solutions for Intelligent Photovoltaic Business in China, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: Huawei Intelligent Photovoltaic Solutions Help Customers Tap into Overseas Market




Speaker: Cheng Hongwei, General Manager of Solution Center, SHYNE Power

Speech Title: Differentiated New Energy + Path of the Internet




Speaker: Xu Tian, General Manager of Overseas Business Center, SHYNE Power

Speech Title: Optimal Allocation of Global Factors for New Energy Projects




Speaker: Wang Mengsong, Product Director of LONGi Solar Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: Technical Characteristics of Monocrystalline PERC Double-sided Modules and Power Generation Performance Analysis




Speaker: Wang Xinxuan, Manager of the East China Region Solutions, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: Brief Introduction to the Way Inverters Development Contributes to Connection to Power Grid at Rational Price




Speaker: Wang Junguang, Director of TrinaPro Smart PV Solution Business Segment, Trina Solar Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: TrinaPro Smart PV Solution




Speaker: Zhou Shuangquan, Executive Vice President of Beijing Huntech Technology Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: Huntech’s “Power Conservation” Trusteeship Operation and Maintenance Services and Internationalization Efforts under Way








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