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2021 The 16th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation & Cooperation Forum

The 6th China Solar Tracking System Technology Application Seminar

The 3rd China International Smart Energy and Energy Storage Innovation Application Forum



Morning, Sept. 2,  Themed Forum

domestic & foreign PV industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs to deliver keynote speeches


Afternoon, Sept. 2,  High-level Dialogue 

Dialogue 1: Analysis on Solar PV  Market and Practical Experience on Market Development

Dialogue 2: The Trends of Solar PV Technologies

Dialogue 3: Innovative Development of Distributed, Multi-Complementary and Household PV Industry


Evening, Sept. 2, Innovation Awards Dinner 

★ 2021 AsiaSolar Innovation Leading Figure Awards

★ 2021 Asian Photovoltaic Innovative Figure Awards

★ 2021 AsiaSolar Innovation Enterprise Awards

★ 2021 China Distributed Photovoltaic Innovative Brand Awards

★ 2021 China BIPV Classic Application Case Awards

★ 2021 Asian PV-Storage Innovative Enterprise Awards

★ 2021 The 4th Voice of PV China Finals


Full Day, Sept. 3, Themed Sub-Forum

Sub-Forum 1: “The Belt and Road”& Asian Overseas PV Project-Matching Conference

1) Analysis on PV and Energy Storage Market in global and Asian area
2) Overseas PV project-matching in Asian area


Sub-Forum 2: New Technology, Products, Equipment of Photovoltaic and Energy Storage

1) Intelligent Factory Equipment, Intelligent Solar Cell Production Line, Software & Management System
2) PERC, Heterojunction, Perovskite, Shingled, Half-Cut, Paving Module and other innovative solar module technologies

3) Micro Inverter, Solar Energy Storage, 1500V Inverter and other types of inverter technologies
4) Other Innovative Technologies of PV and Energy Storage Accessories


Sub-Forum 3: Solar PV, Energy Storage and Hydrogen Innovative Joint Application

1) PV+ Energy Storage and other multiple business modes
2) New Application of User Side Energy Storage System
3) Solar–hydrogen Energy Production Technologies


Sub-Forum 4: Technological Innovation and Application of Solar Tracking System

1) Advanced EPC and Innovative Solar Stands around the world
2) Innovative Application of Smart Tracking System


Sub-Forum 5: Development, Investment, Construction, Transaction, Operation & Maintenance of Distributed Solar PV Station

1) PV-Poverty Alleviation, PV-Agriculture, PV-Fishing, BIPV and other diversified programs
2) Multi-variety Investment and Construction of PV Power Station, Smart Operation & Maintenance
3) Green Certificate, Market-based Distributed Generation Trading Mechanism and other electricity market transactions



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